About Amardeep

The Journey

This British Asian designer has always been considered amongst her friends to have an eclectic taste in fashion. Unconventional and quirky she started an exclusive authentic beachwear line which began its journey at the Kings Road Sporting Club.Leela Mumbai

She was born Amardeep Kaur Mann in Leeds and brought up in London but finds her origins and heart in India. Belonging to an Indian family she was exposed to the vibrant bouquet of colour that is India. Whether it was the rich cultural heritage of her ancestors, the deep warm flavours of Indian cuisine or the luscious tones and intricate embroidery found in a silk saree; the mystical charm of India has fascinated her and has been at the forefront of her life. 

A sports science graduate and now a self taught designer, the road had not always been a clear one. She worked in various different fields and she began to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of fashion and more specifically, beachwear. Although Amardeep had grown up around a mother who was a tailor, it was not until her experiences of travelling around the world and gaining inspiration from her surroundings that she decided to explore and take seriously, her creative side.

AkWith mesmerising intricate embroidery and enchanting whirlpools of tie dye, Amardeep’s Beachwear line has been ethically handcrafted just for you by artisans from around the world. You will find that each piece has been made from the softest silks, purest cottons and feather light chiffons so that it feels just as wondrous and luxurious as it looks.

Her beachwear is an experience to be had rather than a simple item of clothing to be worn. With every piece worn you have stepped a little closer in allowing her to share her heritage and zest for life with you. An exclusive authentic brand every woman needs to try, allow us to share with you Amardeep Kaur Beachwear, the experience.